Best Tracks of 2012 (or How Music Got Me Through the Year)

Even though we’re already 17 days into the New Year, it’s not late to do a “Best of” list. 2012 saw some pretty BIG changes for me. A senior thesis, a graduation, a big move, a new job and there were so many new songs to get me through all of it. Here’s my BestContinue reading “Best Tracks of 2012 (or How Music Got Me Through the Year)”

Newspaper vs. Newswire

This post comes prompted by my sister, who is working at a band camp this summer and still has time to check my blog to see if I’ve written anything new. I’m on Month #2 at The Buffalo News, working nights and weekends. The newsroom has switched over to a new system, so not onlyContinue reading “Newspaper vs. Newswire”

Today was my first day working as a post-grad

I started my copy editing internship at The Buffalo News today. Despite getting all frazzled while driving in the morning traffic, I was ecstatic to be there. It was so cool seeing reporters I had previously known only from headshots. Being in the newsroom and feeling like I belonged in it made me smile. AContinue reading “Today was my first day working as a post-grad”

6. Never drink a Cosmo. Ever.

Long story short. I went to a benefit in New York where there was an open bar. I got a little too excited to try drinks I had never tried before. I thought Cosmos were supposed to be classy. Don’t they drink them on “Sex and the City”? Little did I know the contents ofContinue reading “6. Never drink a Cosmo. Ever.”

3. I will never know heat extremes like I know them in New York State.

My limbs were splayed out to all sides, my right leg hanging off the bed. I wouldn’t let my fingers touch; they’d get too sweaty and stick together. I had gathered my hair in a bun at the top of my head. Despite living in a triple, I had next to nothing on. These wereContinue reading “3. I will never know heat extremes like I know them in New York State.”

Real life is fast approaching

I was talking to a few friends, alumni and coworkers at a journalism luncheon yesterday when the topic of life after college came up. “Life after college” would always be my answer when someone asked me my greatest fear. But when I was listing off the publications at which I was applying for internships, IContinue reading “Real life is fast approaching”

Internship complete (slideshow!)

It’s hard to think that my internship process is finished. It started with me boarding a plane for Philadelphia, getting lost on their subway system and stepping into a dorm building at Temple. “Know America,” they said, handing me an atlas. “What about America?” I asked. I thought this was my first test.  I hadContinue reading “Internship complete (slideshow!)”

My internship

Commodities, grain prices, hog slaughtering, midday stock reports, Wall Street personnel and capital markets are now a part of my life. That’s right. I said hog slaughtering. Apparently those stories are important for traders. I’m on week two at Dow Jones Newswires. Edit, edit, edit! Everyone is really nice. I’ve been editing stories, adding theirContinue reading “My internship”