Emilee Lindner

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10 years of reporting, editing, writing and social media experience.

What I Do

I’ve been entrenched in music and entertainment reporting for a decade, but I’ll write anything if there’s a story. Artist interviews, cultural commentary and personal essays are my favorite.

Collaborating with other creatives keeps me thriving. Just like good editors have done for me, I like to take time to craft a piece with others.

Whether it’s spurting out social media short form or developing recurring franchises, I have experience creating video for the digital world.

Published in…

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What You Don’t See On My Resumé

Just some tidbits….

  • Early riser
  • Funny (sometimes)
  • Once climbed inside an Alaskan glacier
  • Passionate about conservation & sustainability
  • Enjoys putting a bowtie on her cat
  • Hugged Snoop Dogg

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