Internship complete (slideshow!)

It’s hard to think that my internship process is finished. It started with me boarding a plane for Philadelphia, getting lost on their subway system and stepping into a dorm building at Temple. “Know America,” they said, handing me an atlas. “What about America?” I asked. I thought this was my first test.  I hadContinue reading “Internship complete (slideshow!)”

A day in the life

Now, I know it’s been hard to remember I actually I have an internship in New York because I haven’t been writing anything about it. But I have to keep in mind the reason why I’m here. I thought I’d run you through a day in the life of a Dow Jones intern. Once IContinue reading “A day in the life”

My internship

Commodities, grain prices, hog slaughtering, midday stock reports, Wall Street personnel and capital markets are now a part of my life. That’s right. I said hog slaughtering. Apparently those stories are important for traders. I’m on week two at Dow Jones Newswires. Edit, edit, edit! Everyone is really nice. I’ve been editing stories, adding theirContinue reading “My internship”