5. Read leisurely to keep your sanity.

I never read books when I’m at school. I repeat, NEVER. But guess what I did this semester? I read. It felt so great. (It was also on my Resolution list from New Years.) Surprisingly, I finished a whole book on the piano. I was reading it for my research honors project for next semester.Continue reading “5. Read leisurely to keep your sanity.”

6. Never drink a Cosmo. Ever.

Long story short. I went to a benefit in New York where there was an open bar. I got a little too excited to try drinks I had never tried before. I thought Cosmos were supposed to be classy. Don’t they drink them on “Sex and the City”? Little did I know the contents ofContinue reading “6. Never drink a Cosmo. Ever.”

4. Writing can be fun when you take your time.

When I was features editor for The BV, I usually wrote things when we needed a space to fill. But since I’ve been working promotions, I’ve could take more time on my pieces. Here are the stories I wrote this semester. (Not a lot, I’m sorry to say.) Click on the photos to read them.Continue reading “4. Writing can be fun when you take your time.”

3. I will never know heat extremes like I know them in New York State.

My limbs were splayed out to all sides, my right leg hanging off the bed. I wouldn’t let my fingers touch; they’d get too sweaty and stick together. I had gathered my hair in a bun at the top of my head. Despite living in a triple, I had next to nothing on. These wereContinue reading “3. I will never know heat extremes like I know them in New York State.”

2. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it works wonders.

When pondering things I learned this year,  I started to think about how I’ve made playing  piano a bigger part of my life. I’ve been taking lessons since third grade, and after graduating high school, I never thought I’d continue. Then I started taking lessons with Laura Peterson at St. Bonaventure. I’d practice for myContinue reading “2. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it works wonders.”