things i know about game of thrones

Here are things I know about Game of Thrones from being on the Internet, reading over Pete’s shoulder and playing the Game of Thrones pinball machine at the Rock Shop: There is a queen with double processed hair, although it’s doubtful they have bleach in this strange land The dragons are extinct I think? EveryoneContinue reading “things i know about game of thrones”

how to save money on home decor

I spend too much time on Instagram, dreaming about the ways I can make over my mold-infested, one-bedroom, fourth-floor walkup to make it look like the cutesy, refurbished Airstream I found on Instagram. Homemade oak shelving! Hammered copper cups! Green succulents huddled into mismatched trios! We’ve all collected an inspiring curation of beautiful blogs, YoutubeContinue reading “how to save money on home decor”

cool things I did in 2016

Bianca and I started a podcast about ’90s kid nostalgia and we do it every week I explored how Beyonce killed genre in an essay for Fuse I appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered to talk about Bey’s Lemonade Explored an East New York warehouse for a piece on secondhand clothing for Brooklyn Magazine’s December/JanuaryContinue reading “cool things I did in 2016”

You don’t care about my Best Songs of 2016 list

Since you don’t care, and no one is going to read this, here are my 16 picks for Best Songs of 2016. 16. “Youth” – Glass Animals Honestly, you probably are already scrolling down my list to see if our tastes align. But the reason I listened to this song so much in 2016 isContinue reading “You don’t care about my Best Songs of 2016 list”

I asked my friends to describe their cats as muffins

Sarah: “probably like gluten free vegan nutless carrot cake because he’s kind of an obnoxious pain in the ass but still sweet” Katie: “Xena’s a bran muffin because she likes to be a part of the pooping process (sitting on a lap/watching from the shower.)” Lauren: “hes prolly like lemon poppyseed cause hes good but hes aContinue reading “I asked my friends to describe their cats as muffins”