Autumn in the city

I might need to change the title of my blog. Summer in the city: it means heat. Sticky, grimy heat. Thick air. Sweat. But air-conditioning. So much air-conditioning. Too. Much. AC. The AC in stores and corporate buildings and my office is almost too much. My legs reveal blotchy white spots and tiny goosebumps gatherContinue reading “Autumn in the city”

6. Never drink a Cosmo. Ever.

Long story short. I went to a benefit in New York where there was an open bar. I got a little too excited to try drinks I had never tried before. I thought Cosmos were supposed to be classy. Don’t they drink them on “Sex and the City”? Little did I know the contents ofContinue reading “6. Never drink a Cosmo. Ever.”

3. I will never know heat extremes like I know them in New York State.

My limbs were splayed out to all sides, my right leg hanging off the bed. I wouldn’t let my fingers touch; they’d get too sweaty and stick together. I had gathered my hair in a bun at the top of my head. Despite living in a triple, I had next to nothing on. These wereContinue reading “3. I will never know heat extremes like I know them in New York State.”

Things I learned this year

The year’s winding down, and soon it’ll be time to make resolutions and look into the new year. But while riding my bike back from school today, I reflected on this year, and everything that I did and learned. Check out my list beneath the photo. I’ll be posting about them individually next week. AContinue reading “Things I learned this year”

Five reasons why I actually miss Olean, N.Y.

This article I wrote was previously published in The Times Herald a few weeks ago. Enjoy! The Statue of Liberty is small. In fact, while sitting in the passenger seat of my friend’s Mercury Gran Marquis, driving into Manhattan, I felt like I could reach out and pinch her with my index and thumb.  Continue reading “Five reasons why I actually miss Olean, N.Y.”

A weekend with Meaghan

     Meaghan rode in during my lunch break Thursday, the beginning of a great weekend.      She explored Times Square quite extensively and tempted herself with American Eagle while I finished my workday. Then, we jetted back to Brittany Hall on the subway, grabbed pizza at the dining hall and power walked downContinue reading “A weekend with Meaghan”

Best Coast

“I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.” Bethany Cosentino clasped the microphone with both hands, guitar hanging freely from her neck. “A few months ago, I became aware of what politicians were doing to Planned Parenthood, so we organized this concert to help,” she called out. Cosentino, front woman of Best Coast, the surf-rock band fromContinue reading “Best Coast”