Newspaper vs. Newswire

This post comes prompted by my sister, who is working at a band camp this summer and still has time to check my blog to see if I’ve written anything new. I’m on Month #2 at The Buffalo News, working nights and weekends. The newsroom has switched over to a new system, so not onlyContinue reading “Newspaper vs. Newswire”

Back in the game

Well, here I am, back in the swing of things, copy editing like a maniac. Unlike last summer where my subject matter was a little more technical, I’m coming across new things every day. Here are fun things I’ve learned just from doing my job in the past two weeks: Sea birds can fly whileContinue reading “Back in the game”

Today was my first day working as a post-grad

I started my copy editing internship at The Buffalo News today. Despite getting all frazzled while driving in the morning traffic, I was ecstatic to be there. It was so cool seeing reporters I had previously known only from headshots. Being in the newsroom and feeling like I belonged in it made me smile. AContinue reading “Today was my first day working as a post-grad”

Five reasons why I actually miss Olean, N.Y.

This article I wrote was previously published in The Times Herald a few weeks ago. Enjoy! The Statue of Liberty is small. In fact, while sitting in the passenger seat of my friend’s Mercury Gran Marquis, driving into Manhattan, I felt like I could reach out and pinch her with my index and thumb.  Continue reading “Five reasons why I actually miss Olean, N.Y.”

A day in the life

Now, I know it’s been hard to remember I actually I have an internship in New York because I haven’t been writing anything about it. But I have to keep in mind the reason why I’m here. I thought I’d run you through a day in the life of a Dow Jones intern. Once IContinue reading “A day in the life”

My internship

Commodities, grain prices, hog slaughtering, midday stock reports, Wall Street personnel and capital markets are now a part of my life. That’s right. I said hog slaughtering. Apparently those stories are important for traders. I’m on week two at Dow Jones Newswires. Edit, edit, edit! Everyone is really nice. I’ve been editing stories, adding theirContinue reading “My internship”

What I learned at my training #2

Eat protein.   We would study until 1:30 a.m. Wake up at 6:30 for breakfast and have class from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. That night, we would start the cycle again. The lack of sleep and the delirium that ensued got to us eventually. We ate all our meals at the dining hall, whether weContinue reading “What I learned at my training #2”

What I learned at my training #1

Geography. We were presented with numerous map quizzes, on which we had to label countries, capitals, states, cities, lakes, seas, straits, mountains, deserts, dams, islands, basins, capes and so much more. It’s important. As embarrassing as it is, I never knew where Libya was until we had to memorize all of Africa. It’s sad becauseContinue reading “What I learned at my training #1”