My internship

This is where I work! 1211 Avenue of the Americas

Commodities, grain prices, hog slaughtering, midday stock reports, Wall Street personnel and capital markets are now a part of my life.

That’s right. I said hog slaughtering. Apparently those stories are important for traders.

I’m on week two at Dow Jones Newswires. Edit, edit, edit! Everyone is really nice. I’ve been editing stories, adding their codes, formatting them for the wire and then sending them off to my mentor to read.

It’s a long work day, but I’m getting used to it. I get an hour for lunch, and my favorite part is going to the cafeteria.

I love my internship, and I’m so grateful for the people who got me there and the training I went through.

New York is so fascinating. I’ll write a post about all the activities I’m doing another day. Time to rest up for another day on the copy desk.

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I’m a writer, cat fancier and lover of all things autumn.

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