Internship complete (slideshow!)

It’s hard to think that my internship process is finished. It started with me boarding a plane for Philadelphia, getting lost on their subway system and stepping into a dorm building at Temple.

“Know America,” they said, handing me an atlas.

“What about America?” I asked. I thought this was my first test.  I had to decode the vagueness.

“We don’t know. We were just told to tell you that.”

And so the eight-day training process at Temple began. It was absolutely exhausting. Each night we had a new book and a new map and new spelling words to study for the next day.

During that time, I made friends with nine other copy-editing interns from across the country — seven of us were moving to New York City for the summer.

Three of them were placed at The New York Times, three at The Wall Street Journal and I was placed at Dow Jones Newswires.

I was so nervous for my first day at my internship. I had trained hard for it, enduring Dr. Trayes’s “J-camp,” reading, auditing a finance class, studying with my grandpa and briefly writing about a word a day on this blog. Several people took me around 1211 Avenue of the Americas (the News Corp. building), which as modern, new and nothing like I was used to. I could see my reflection in almost every wall.

Throughout my ten weeks, I learned more about markets and business than I ever could in any class. I also made amazing connections and friends.

I’m sad to say that it’s over, and I’ve deemed this summer the best of my professional life (which has only just begun).

I spent my last day taking photos, exploring the building and saying goodbye to the people I spent my summer with. Enjoy!

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This includes some shots of the copy desk, the donuts celebrating my last day, me and my mentor (Bob, the one with the yellow lanyard), the News Cafe, my tour of the New York Post (it’s owned my News Corp. so it’s in the same building) with Caitlin and Wes, The Wall Street Journal news hub, Sisi (the graphics intern), weird Toy Story character on the ceiling, Wall Street Journal PULITZERS, me and Fred (a coworker), me and Robert Thomspon (editor of The Wall Street Journal and DJ Newswires), and me and Bart (the copy-desk manager).

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6 thoughts on “Internship complete (slideshow!)

  1. Hey, great slideshow and blog! Sorry I wasn’t around to say goodbye to you on your last day. It was great having you around this summer. Guess you reminded me of my daughter. You’re smart and personable, and will do well…you’ll be a star. You did a great job here. Anyway, if you ever come back, stop by and say hello to us.
    Best wishes,
    Art Daniels

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