Real life is fast approaching

I was talking to a few friends, alumni and coworkers at a journalism luncheon yesterday when the topic of life after college came up.

“Life after college” would always be my answer when someone asked me my greatest fear.

But when I was listing off the publications at which I was applying for internships, I was strangely confident.

“Yeah, I want to write and report, so I’m hoping to apply at a magazine like Time Out New York… or a newspaper like The Wall Street Journal,” I said, matter-of-factly.

They smirked at me from across the table and paused.

“Oh cool.”

I could tell they thought I was aiming too high. Why would somebody at The Wall Street Journal hire me? Why would anyone hire me right out of college?

Have I learned anything in college? What experience do I have for reporting?

Thinking back to yesterday’s lunch, I’m sort of freaking out. My mantra has always been “Aim high.” Should I lower my standards?

I’m still going to apply… everywhere. But it just saddens me that there is a little bit of doubt lingering.

Published by Emilee Lindner

I’m a writer, cat fancier and lover of all things autumn.

2 thoughts on “Real life is fast approaching

  1. I certainly didn’t think you were aiming too high, and I hope I didn’t seem doubtful of your ability. You’ve already gotten chosen for one of the most selective internships in the entire country– there is absolutely nothing saying you won’t get chosen for the Wall Street Journal one. Have faith!

  2. Thanks, Kristy. I’m kind of freaking out because I’m writing cover letters and I’m thinking of how competitive these internships are. What if I don’t get as lucky as last time?

    You’re so supportive. I was referring to someone else.

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