5. Read leisurely to keep your sanity.

I never read books when I’m at school. I repeat, NEVER. But guess what I did this semester? I read. It felt so great. (It was also on my Resolution list from New Years.) Surprisingly, I finished a whole book on the piano. I was reading it for my research honors project for next semester.Continue reading “5. Read leisurely to keep your sanity.”

Things I learned this year

The year’s winding down, and soon it’ll be time to make resolutions and look into the new year. But while riding my bike back from school today, I reflected on this year, and everything that I did and learned. Check out my list beneath the photo. I’ll be posting about them individually next week. AContinue reading “Things I learned this year”

Reading – resolution #7

If there’s one thing I have to learn this semester, it’s time management. I’ve gotten considerably better at it since freshmen year, when I would skip meals and use every chance I got to read my Mass Media textbook. I managed time easily last year, achieving a 3.9 GPA and editing Arts & Life atContinue reading “Reading – resolution #7”

My resolutions for the new year

This might surprise you, but this might be the first time I’ve ever made a list of resolutions. Usually at this time of year, people give up resolutions, saying they never follow them anyway. Having my goals written down always benefits me, so here I go! 1. Cook – Jes and I have been cookingContinue reading “My resolutions for the new year”