Five reasons why I actually miss Olean, N.Y.

This article I wrote was previously published in The Times Herald a few weeks ago. Enjoy! The Statue of Liberty is small. In fact, while sitting in the passenger seat of my friend’s Mercury Gran Marquis, driving into Manhattan, I felt like I could reach out and pinch her with my index and thumb.  Continue reading “Five reasons why I actually miss Olean, N.Y.”

Happy Earth Day!

Levi’s asks how you combine style with sustainability. Today, I made this cute recipe book. My mom and I bonded while cutting out recipes from old magazine (of course, recycling the remnants). I cut out cardboard from a used box and glued a scrap of cloth I found lying around with our crafts. I adhered theContinue reading “Happy Earth Day!”

Word of the day: milieu

MILIEU I found this word in a book I’m reading (A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore). The people in the main character’s hometown pronounce it as ‘miloo’. I went online to see how it’s really pronounced. Merriam-Webster gave me a very odd pronunciation, making it sound like mill-yur. I didn’t believe that so IContinue reading “Word of the day: milieu”

Word of the day: gastroenteritis

GASTROENTERITIS Relevant. My sister and I woke up sick this morning. I felt nauseous, but upon hearing Aimee might have the flu, I was determined to free myself of the bug. I scoured the kitchen and the bathroom that we share, chugged some orange juice and swallowed a multivitamin. Aimee, suffering much worse, stayed in bed.Continue reading “Word of the day: gastroenteritis”