A weekend with Meaghan

     Meaghan rode in during my lunch break Thursday, the beginning of a great weekend.

     She explored Times Square quite extensively and tempted herself with American Eagle while I finished my workday. Then, we jetted back to Brittany Hall on the subway, grabbed pizza at the dining hall and power walked down to Bleecker Street.

We had a little Bona’s reunion with Victoria at Le Poisson Rouge for a benefit concert featuring Best Coast, a band we love. Bethany Cosentino was actually a better performer than I thought she would be, and the atmosphere was perfect. After running around all day, Meaghan and I were glad the venue wasn’t hot and sweaty like we predicted. Read my concert review here.

Cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery followed. The pink frosting on my vanilla confection was swirled on top, making a little compression in the middle. The cake was moist but too heavy on the butter. Meg decided we should try Crumbs to decide which establishment has better cupcakes — a New York debate.

On Friday, Meaghan met me for lunch at Famiglia’s in Time Square, just as Donald Trump and Sarah Palin had done recently. Despite what Jon Stewart says, I liked my slice.

As horrible as it sounds, I left Meaghan in the heavy downpour and hail while I finished up my shift. Apparently, she had found refuge, because when I found her at 6 p.m., she was dry. However, her fashionable wedges were sad looking.

We visited the vegan station at the dining hall and returned to my room to hang out with my roommates. We then visited The Strand, took the Staten Island Ferry, checked on the World Trade Center memorial construction and spent time with some DJNF friends, making it a late night.

Taking the Q over the East River the next day, we trekked to the Brooklyn Flea to browse its vintage clothing, antique finds and original art. The sun beat down on us, and as much as we wanted to stay, we had to seek shade. (The number of our freckles increased this week, not to mention some sun burn.)

Prospect Park

It was about a 30 minute walk to Prospect Park from the flea, but it was well worth it. Meaghan sipped on some ice-cold apple cider while we lay in the grass. We had a hard time finding our way out of the park, but we saw our extra time with nature as a way of taking a break from the city.

For dinner, we went to Kate’s Joint, a restaurant that makes vegetarian versions of comfort food. I had the “un-turkey club,” and Meaghan had the Philly cheesesteak. The best part was the “fakin,” which tasted a lot like real bacon.

On our way back, we wandered through community gardens in the East Village, planning our own secret garden to plant when we get back to Bonaventure.

Victoria and my DJNF friends arrived at my dorm near 11 p.m. I loved having my school friends, my intern friends, my roommates and other guests in the room at the same time, all getting along. We ventured to Washington Square Park and then to the mac’n cheese place on MacDougal Street. Yum!

The same group (plus and minus some people) took the long train ride to Coney Island on Sunday, where we sat on the beach, played Frisbee (“flying disc” in AP style) and swam. We stopped playing Frisbee because we hit too many little kids.

We went to the Upright Citizens Brigade to watch Amy Poehler and friends do improv. It was even funnier than last week. We finished the night off with frozen yogurt and laying in the middle of Washington Square fountain, hoping it wouldn’t go off.

Meaghan left Monday morning to head back to Jefferson County. I had a lot of fun!

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I’m a writer, cat fancier and lover of all things autumn.

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