Word of the day: reprobate

REPROBATE Although this word has nothing to do with my life, it lead to some cool discoveries. ‘Reprobate’ is the New York Times Learning Network’s word of the day. I never knew the Times had so many different blogs! The Learning Network is an education blog. As a noun, the word refers to someone devoidContinue reading “Word of the day: reprobate”

Word of the day: vitamin G

VITAMIN G I’ve adopted. Yep, that’s right. I’ve adopted a word in SavetheWords.org, Oxford Dictionary’s attempt to bring old words back into circulation. The word is Vitamin G. I spent a while on the website trying to find a good one – and trust me, the definitions and sentences usages are pretty funny. Vitamin GContinue reading “Word of the day: vitamin G”

Word of the day: lemma

LEMMA Today, I talked to my professor Denny Wilkins, and he said he has a gift for me! He posted in a comment earlier that it will help me with Word of the Day. I hope so. Sometimes I have a tough time thinking/coming across words to write about. In preparation for this gift, he toldContinue reading “Word of the day: lemma”

Word of the day: simpatico

SIMPATICO Ok, so I remembered the word I wanted to write about yesterday. It’s this one! Although I spelled it ‘sympatico’ in my mind, I found a definition when I spelled it that way. Dictionary.com corrected my spelling. Sympatico was the name of an Internet company in Canada, now called Bell. I don’t know whyContinue reading “Word of the day: simpatico”

Word of the day: milieu

MILIEU I found this word in a book I’m reading (A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore). The people in the main character’s hometown pronounce it as ‘miloo’. I went online to see how it’s really pronounced. Merriam-Webster gave me a very odd pronunciation, making it sound like mill-yur. I didn’t believe that so IContinue reading “Word of the day: milieu”

Word of the day: sylvan

SYLVAN Today has been another average day. Devoid of inspiration. Went to Annie’s. Watched a game show. Came home. Helped with dinner. Ate dinner. Word of the day: sylvan. One who lives in the woods, or as an adjective, having to do with the woods. I suppose I was a sylvan in my youth, frequentingContinue reading “Word of the day: sylvan”

Word of the day: prevaricate

PREVARICATE Usually when my mom doesn’t want to tell me the truth, she just starts talking about something else. Yesterday, I asked her if she would fund my entry into an honor society. Instead of saying no, she asked if there was a induction breakfast, who would be in attendance, how the deer have beenContinue reading “Word of the day: prevaricate”

Word of the day: supine

SUPINE Before break, it was mostly just me and the dean on the journalism half of second Murphy. At work, we usually don’t talk, but when I had him read over something I had written for The Hamburg Sun, we struck conversation. He told me about his days as a newspaper man, typewriters, the differenceContinue reading “Word of the day: supine”

Word of the day: caveat (and a resolution)

CAVEAT Here’s an example of caveat I found amongst my social networking friends: Preston C. Lancaster Poinsettia petals. A gentle breeze tosses leaves. Slowly sipping tea. Talbot Eck DON’T EAT POINSETTIA PETALS OR BREW THEM IN TEA! Preston C. Lancaster Haha, I appreciate the caveat, Talbot. Caveat: a warning, cautionary detail or “an explanation to prevent misinterpretation.”Continue reading “Word of the day: caveat (and a resolution)”