Word of the day: prevaricate


Usually when my mom doesn’t want to tell me the truth, she just starts talking about something else. Yesterday, I asked her if she would fund my entry into an honor society. Instead of saying no, she asked if there was a induction breakfast, who would be in attendance, how the deer have been eating the bird seed in our backyard, and then she left the room, giving me no apparent answer.

My mom often prevaricates,which as dictionary.com defines it,  is “to depart from or evade the truth; to speak with equivocation.” (Prevaricate is their word of the day too. It’s hard to find inspiration!)

I do it too. Instead of telling her I was spending Thanksgiving with Pete, I told her I was not coming home but also not going to be on campus. She inferred from there.

I always think prevarication is funny. People should just say the truth right away! We could make communication so much better.

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I’m a writer, cat fancier and lover of all things autumn.

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