Word of the day: reprobate


Although this word has nothing to do with my life, it lead to some cool discoveries. ‘Reprobate’ is the New York Times Learning Network’s word of the day. I never knew the Times had so many different blogs! The Learning Network is an education blog.

As a noun, the word refers to someone devoid of morals. As an adjective, it means “deviating from what is considered moral or right or proper or good.” As a verb it means to “express strong disapproval of.”

What’s even better than finding a Times word of the day is that they give an example of the word as used in a Times article. “He is a sickly reprobate, a junior drunkard and avid reader of despotic history, so jaded with school and life that he practices villainy for “amusement” — the reason he gives for pushing Seymour down the stairs.” – from a book review by Larry Doyle.

The blog features VisualThesaurus.com, a site with a giant word cloud of synonyms. Try it out!

Now I know I’ve been doing only the word of the day. I’m meeting my goal of posting every day, but I want this blog to be more fun. Tomorrow I’m going to try to post something non-word-of-the -day.

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