The Sims Social provides my first home

At 21 years old, I, Emilee Lindner, am a homeowner. But not in the sense of the American Dream. You see, my house is on the Sims Social, and I bought it for 33,000 Simoleons. The Sims Social game on Facebook has 18.2 million monthly users, and it is one of the many platforms usersContinue reading “The Sims Social provides my first home”

Is Facebook sexist? and Go Bonnies!

Hooray! The Lady Bonnies made it to the Sweet 16! St. Bonaventure (that’s my school) beat Marist 66-63 yesterday and they’re now moving on to play Notre Dame. I went to the Rathskeller (on-campus bar) last night to watch the game with other students and faculty, and there were a lot of media there. AsContinue reading “Is Facebook sexist? and Go Bonnies!”

Can Twitter determine the Super Bowl’s winner?

Do you know who will claim victorious in the Super Bowl this Sunday? I sure don’t, and I don’t think anyone can know before the game. But some are say differently. Brook Miller from MotiveQuest, a social media research firm, told Fox News Chicago that the champions can be determined by social media. In conferenceContinue reading “Can Twitter determine the Super Bowl’s winner?”

Five days without Facebook

Every morning, I wake up, shower and sit down to my computer with a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat. I open three tabs in Google Chrome – Email, The Weather Channel’s website and Facebook. So naturally, when I decided to go five days with Facebook, it altered my morning routine. When my professor suggested theContinue reading “Five days without Facebook”

Word of the day: caveat (and a resolution)

CAVEAT Here’s an example of caveat I found amongst my social networking friends: Preston C. Lancaster Poinsettia petals. A gentle breeze tosses leaves. Slowly sipping tea. Talbot Eck DON’T EAT POINSETTIA PETALS OR BREW THEM IN TEA! Preston C. Lancaster Haha, I appreciate the caveat, Talbot. Caveat: a warning, cautionary detail or “an explanation to prevent misinterpretation.”Continue reading “Word of the day: caveat (and a resolution)”