Word of the day: vitamin G


I’ve adopted.

Yep, that’s right. I’ve adopted a word in SavetheWords.org, Oxford Dictionary’s attempt to bring old words back into circulation.

The word is Vitamin G. I spent a while on the website trying to find a good one – and trust me, the definitions and sentences usages are pretty funny.

Vitamin G seemed appropriate because my roommate and I have been health nuts lately. It’s just me and Jes in our apartment this week (and two of the few on campus), and we’re cooking dinner all this week. We’ve looked up recipes in Health magazine and had teriyaki salmon with salad yesterday and oat pancakes with blueberry sauce today.

We’ve been sharing our workout stories and exchanging food ideas and talking about nutrition. So vitamin G, or riboflavin, fits right in – although we haven’t discussed riboflavin yet.

Riboflavin is now called vitamin B2 and plays a key role in  metabolizing fat and carbohydrates.

Before I adopted vitamin G, I had to agree to use it in conversation as much as I could. It’ll be hard, and I’ll seem like a major nerd, but when we start chatting about nutrients again, I might throw vitamin G in there somewhere.

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