Word of the day: caveat (and a resolution)


Here’s an example of caveat I found amongst my social networking friends:

Poinsettia petals.
A gentle breeze tosses leaves.
Slowly sipping tea.

Preston C. Lancaster Haha, I appreciate the caveat, Talbot.

Caveat: a warning, cautionary detail or “an explanation to prevent misinterpretation.”

It’s not surprised I’m getting inspiration from Facebook. After cleaning the kitchen and bathroom today, I sat down to my computer for a few hours. Played some Zuma. Surprise.

But I did read some financial news and took care of some financial matters of my own at school.

I read Facebook has recieved $50 million from Goldman Sachs and might be pressured into going public (New York Times article).

I figured if that ever happens, I’d like to invest in Facebook and buy my first share in a company, depending on the price.

Coincidentally, when I researched ‘caveat’, Merriam-Webster gave this example: “His investment advice comes with a caveat: that the stock market is impossible to predict with absolute accuracy.”

I really don’t know anything about the stock market, besides what I learned in 12th-grade economics class. But today I became determined to invest by the end of the semester. I suppose that’s my New Year’s resolution.

Anyway, I really liked Preston’s Haiku – the alliteration, beautiful assonance in the second line and the overall calming charm of the poem.

And Talbot does give him an urgent, valuable caveat. Poinsettia leaves are fatal.

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