Word of the day: simpatico


Ok, so I remembered the word I wanted to write about yesterday. It’s this one!

Although I spelled it ‘sympatico’ in my mind, I found a definition when I spelled it that way. Dictionary.com corrected my spelling.

Sympatico was the name of an Internet company in Canada, now called Bell. I don’t know why I had that stuck in my head. My parents do watch a lot of  Canadian television.

And I don’t know why I thought this word was related to high school jazz band, as I wrote yesterday.

My mind has been working really weird lately. My roommate came back today and we were talking about the Bonnies game yesterday.

“Yeah, I wasn’t doing anything yesterday. I should’ve seen if you wanted to go.” – Jes (she lives 20 minutes away and could’ve come back earlier)

“But it was at 4:30.”


“So, you weren’t back then”

Confused look.

“What time did you get back yesterday?”

“Um, I got back today.”


See what I mean? Maybe the emptiness of campus is getting to me – like Jack in The Shining!

So, what was I talking about? Oh right, simpatico.

Simpatico means congenial or compatible. If you know someone who gets along with everyone, or has charisma that people loves, perhaps they’re simpatico – like Mary in There’s Something About Mary!

I need to stop making movie references.

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