Back in the game

Well, here I am, back in the swing of things, copy editing like a maniac. Unlike last summer where my subject matter was a little more technical, I’m coming across new things every day. Here are fun things I’ve learned just from doing my job in the past two weeks:

Sleeping Sea Bird
Look at him go!
  • Sea birds can fly while half-asleep. All they have to do is lock the bones in their wings so they can soar effortlessly.
  • This is comforting: 58.6 percent of interns get hired full-time, according to 2011 data.
  • Keep an eye on granola while baking. It burns easily. I learned this from experience after getting inspired by a story.

Those are just some randoms. I hope this job will make me better at Jeopardy! It’s my life-long goal to get better at answering Jeopardy! questions than my dad.

Also, I’m coming across so many new vocab words. I’m tempted to restart the ‘Word of the Day‘ feature of this blog, but I don’t want to bore you. Here are a few good ones:

  • ennui – boredom, dissatisfaction
  • ebullient – cheerful, full of energy
  • mellifluous – smooth, rich, flow
  • eponymous – related to a name
  • interred – entomb, bury in earth or sea
  • chorister – member of choir
  • onus – burden, obligation, blame
  • cognoscenti – (plural) people having expert knowledge in a field

These reporters have great vocabularies! Let’s just say that Merriam and Webster are my two new best friends.

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