Love — from someone else’s perspective

My friend Jeff wrote this article about me and Pete  for his news writing and reporting class. I thought I’d share it with you because it’s cute, and he did a great job with it. Also, here’s a picture of us from the Spring Weekend concert a few days back. ST. BONAVENTURE – Emilee LindnerContinue reading “Love — from someone else’s perspective”

What I didn’t publish

I wrote an editorial in Friday’s BV. Here it is. I prepared for this post by writing this word of the day. Here’s what I didn’t publish in my op/ed.   The lead story, however, lacked research and was biased. There were only two interviews – one from The Intrepid creator Tony Lee and theContinue reading “What I didn’t publish”

Word of the day: fecundity

FECUNDITY The university is threatening to close school tomorrow! Apparently, there’s a huge storm coming this way. If class are canceled, I have plans to go sledding. But if classes aren’t canceled, I’ll still have to go to my Sex, Relationships and Reproductive Systems class (“Sex” for short). During class, a classmate wrote “fertility v.Continue reading “Word of the day: fecundity”

Word of the day: insipid

INSIPID Oh my goodness! Today was very dull. It was one of those days were everything irks you – from waking up in the morning to the weather to interacting with people. For breakfast, I had some peach bread that has been on the counter for a while. I sluggishly dragged myself into class, whereContinue reading “Word of the day: insipid”

Ok, so I lost the PostADay 2011 challenge…

As much as you probably don’t mind that I’ve missed two Words of the Day, I do. I created this blog for myself – motivation for learning. On Friday, Pete and I saw Black Swan, preceded by dinner at Friendly’s. I had such a good time. The next morning, I had a realization like someoneContinue reading “Ok, so I lost the PostADay 2011 challenge…”

Word of the day: ubiquitous

UBIQUITOUS I am so happy about my class schedule this semester. I’m taking interesting courses and don’t have classes on Monday or Friday. My courses are Inquiry in the Natural World; Broadcast Reporting; Concert Band; Piano; Internship; Sex, Relationships and the Reproductive System; and Desktop Publishing. I’m excited about Broadcast Reporting even though I didn’tContinue reading “Word of the day: ubiquitous”

Word of the day: acquiesce

ACQUIESCE Today was eventful, to say the least. I had to work, went to my first Sex, Relationships and Reproductive Systems class, got my car back from the shop, had a piano lesson, made dinner and watched the Bonnies game with the rest of the student body. That said, I didn’t really have the timeContinue reading “Word of the day: acquiesce”

Word of the day: abut

ABUT This word is also courtesy of Berstein’s book.  Can you tell I’m still at the beginning? “Abut” is a funny word. For me. It means bordering or touching. The journalism and business offices abut on the second floor of Murphy. This post is short. Again. I’m very sorry. I have my first class tomorrowContinue reading “Word of the day: abut”

Word of the day: abhorrence

ABHORRENCE I’m in such a lousy mood. It’s the weekend. School starts Monday. You’d think I’d be enthusiastic? But I’ll spare you my personal issues and just tell you that I need to find a way to make my life interesting. It’s like I’m going through a mid-life crisis! I abhor it. “Abhor” means strongContinue reading “Word of the day: abhorrence”

Reading – resolution #7

If there’s one thing I have to learn this semester, it’s time management. I’ve gotten considerably better at it since freshmen year, when I would skip meals and use every chance I got to read my Mass Media textbook. I managed time easily last year, achieving a 3.9 GPA and editing Arts & Life atContinue reading “Reading – resolution #7”