What I didn’t publish

I wrote an editorial in Friday’s BV. Here it is. I prepared for this post by writing this word of the day.

Here’s what I didn’t publish in my op/ed.


The lead story, however, lacked research and was biased. There were only two interviews – one from The Intrepid creator Tony Lee and the other from Jandoli School Dean Lee Coppola. Granted, Coppola is an expert on journalistic endeavors, but the placement of his quotes was unnecessary.

Lee’s quote about reader-submitted questions was followed by Coppola’s quote about how using readers’ questions when writing would cause failure.

Lee’s next quote dealt with publishing students’ work. Coppola’s following remark said if Lee did that, his paper would be error-ridden.

From what I read, Lazo came well-prepared to Coppola’s interview, asking relevant questions. But never once did I read anything from a potential Intrepid reader or contributor.

Never mind about asking “a truck driver to make the same decisions that a skilled journalist should make.” What do the readers think? Would they rather see the journalists’ questions answered (and miss what that journalist might have overlooked)? Or would they like to see their own questions answered?

Lee’s idea for The Intrepid was misinterpreted in this front-page story. He plans to write, report, create and publish with the audience in mind, giving the student body what they really want. But the main statement of the article was whether or not it will succeed.

Critique The Intrepid when it actually debuts.

Stop worrying about competition. Forget about jealousy. Report the news. The real news.


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