1. A little competition is healthy and probably beneficial.

About two years ago, a student transferred to St. Bonaventure. He came down to The BV with a huge portfolio of photos and clippings. We were impressed, and the editors encouraged him to join the staff. He did and soon became online editor. He was passionate about  launching the website ahead and creating graphics forContinue reading “1. A little competition is healthy and probably beneficial.”

We’re the campus media. We’re students.

This is an editorial I wrote last month, intending to publish it in The BV. I never submitted it because I didn’t want to cause trouble with the unnamed professor, my adviser. However, I still feel the same way, so I decided to publish this for a smaller audience — my blog readers. Sure, atContinue reading “We’re the campus media. We’re students.”

What I didn’t publish

I wrote an editorial in Friday’s BV. Here it is. I prepared for this post by writing this word of the day. Here’s what I didn’t publish in my op/ed.   The lead story, however, lacked research and was biased. There were only two interviews – one from The Intrepid creator Tony Lee and theContinue reading “What I didn’t publish”

Word of the day: intrepid

INTREPID After mistaking my “insipid” post for “intrepid,” my friend Alexandra inspired me to write this blog post. Not only does intrepid mean “resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance,” according to Merriam-Webster, but it’s the name of friend Tony Lee‘s upcoming publication. Here is a news article about it from The Bona Venture. I plan onContinue reading “Word of the day: intrepid”