Word of the day: ubiquitous


I am so happy about my class schedule this semester. I’m taking interesting courses and don’t have classes on Monday or Friday. My courses are Inquiry in the Natural World; Broadcast Reporting; Concert Band; Piano; Internship; Sex, Relationships and the Reproductive System; and Desktop Publishing.

I’m excited about Broadcast Reporting even though I didn’t take the prerequisite – Video Production. My friend Erin let me watch her edit a story in the Koop Lab, so I”m picking it up little by little. In class today we learned that TV is a more direct way of reaching people. For example, someone can choose which newspaper they read, what stories to read and when they read them. With television, you can click it on and watch the news without even intending to watch it.

My professor said “TV is ubiquitous in today’s culture.” I wrote the word down and looked it up later. Merriam-Webster says it means “constant” or always existing or everywhere. If TV is everywhere, that means people could stumble across me accidentally. If I stayed in print, people would choose to read me. It comes down to “Which medium will I prefer?”

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