What your St. Bonaventure major means

I’ve seen a few lists like this in other publications, so I decided to make a version for St. Bonaventure University. Please take no offense, for it is all in good fun.   English: We’ve heard you bickering about the romantic poeticism of William Wordsworth vs. Alfred Tennyson. You write cryptic prose to see ifContinue reading “What your St. Bonaventure major means”

Word of the day: fecundity

FECUNDITY The university is threatening to close school tomorrow! Apparently, there’s a huge storm coming this way. If class are canceled, I have plans to go sledding. But if classes aren’t canceled, I’ll still have to go to my Sex, Relationships and Reproductive Systems class (“Sex” for short). During class, a classmate wrote “fertility v.Continue reading “Word of the day: fecundity”

Word of the day: aether

AETHER I have a quiz tomorrow so I’m studying while watching TV. I’m learning about the great scientists who focused on theories about the universe. Those included Plato, Aristotle and Copernicus. The study sheet says that Aristotle believed in the five elements. The five elements? I thought there were only four. Earth, Fire, Water andContinue reading “Word of the day: aether”