Word of the day: expostulate

EXPOSTULATE Expostulate means to disagree with someone, or according to Merriam-Webster, “to reason earnestly with a person for purposes of dissuasion or remonstrance.” “Expostulate” is also the title of Sam House’s blog. Sam, a friend and fellow associate editor at The Bona Venture, loves politics. She loves writing about them. She loves having her opinionContinue reading “Word of the day: expostulate”

Word of the day: reprobate

REPROBATE Although this word has nothing to do with my life, it lead to some cool discoveries. ‘Reprobate’ is the New York Times Learning Network’s word of the day. I never knew the Times had so many different blogs! The Learning Network is an education blog. As a noun, the word refers to someone devoidContinue reading “Word of the day: reprobate”

Word of the day: vitamin G

VITAMIN G I’ve adopted. Yep, that’s right. I’ve adopted a word in SavetheWords.org, Oxford Dictionary’s attempt to bring old words back into circulation. The word is Vitamin G. I spent a while on the website trying to find a good one – and trust me, the definitions and sentences usages are pretty funny. Vitamin GContinue reading “Word of the day: vitamin G”

Word of the day: lemma

LEMMA Today, I talked to my professor Denny Wilkins,¬†and he said he has a gift for me! He posted in a comment earlier that it will help me with Word of the Day. I hope so. Sometimes I have a tough time thinking/coming across words to write about. In preparation for this gift, he toldContinue reading “Word of the day: lemma”

Word of the day: simpatico

SIMPATICO Ok, so I remembered the word I wanted to write about yesterday. It’s this one! Although I spelled it ‘sympatico’ in my mind, I found a definition when I spelled it that way. Dictionary.com corrected my spelling. Sympatico was the name of an Internet company in Canada, now called Bell. I don’t know whyContinue reading “Word of the day: simpatico”

Word of the day: serendipity

SERENDIPITY Here’s the thing: I thought of a word to write about tonight while I was driving to Bona’s. But I can’t remember! It had something to do with high school jazz band… Anyway, while trying to think of that word, this one popped into my head. Does that ever happen to you? When IContinue reading “Word of the day: serendipity”

Word of the day: milieu

MILIEU I found this word in a book I’m reading (A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore). The people in the main character’s hometown pronounce it as ‘miloo’. I went online to see how it’s really pronounced. Merriam-Webster gave me a very odd¬†pronunciation, making it sound like mill-yur. I didn’t believe that so IContinue reading “Word of the day: milieu”

Word of the day: sylvan

SYLVAN Today has been another average day. Devoid of inspiration. Went to Annie’s. Watched a game show. Came home. Helped with dinner. Ate dinner. Word of the day: sylvan. One who lives in the woods, or as an adjective, having to do with the woods. I suppose I was a sylvan in my youth, frequentingContinue reading “Word of the day: sylvan”

Word of the day: prevaricate

PREVARICATE Usually when my mom doesn’t want to tell me the truth, she just starts talking about something else. Yesterday, I asked her if she would fund my entry into an honor society. Instead of saying no, she asked if there was a induction breakfast, who would be in attendance, how the deer have beenContinue reading “Word of the day: prevaricate”

Word of the day: supine

SUPINE Before break, it was mostly just me and the dean on the journalism half of second Murphy. At work, we usually don’t talk, but when I had him read over something I had written for The Hamburg Sun, we struck conversation. He told me about his days as a newspaper man, typewriters, the differenceContinue reading “Word of the day: supine”