All these ideas and no actions

I’ve had a series of epiphanies this week. The most important one being that I don’t want to work for anyone. Before you inform me that life isn’t that easy, let me tell you that I’m well aware. I’ve come up with different ideas of how I’m going to pursue careers without an employer. AndContinue reading “All these ideas and no actions”

A weekend with Meaghan

     Meaghan rode in during my lunch break Thursday, the beginning of a great weekend.      She explored Times Square quite extensively and tempted herself with American Eagle while I finished my workday. Then, we jetted back to Brittany Hall on the subway, grabbed pizza at the dining hall and power walked downContinue reading “A weekend with Meaghan”

Love — from someone else’s perspective

My friend Jeff wrote this article about me and Pete  for his news writing and reporting class. I thought I’d share it with you because it’s cute, and he did a great job with it. Also, here’s a picture of us from the Spring Weekend concert a few days back. ST. BONAVENTURE – Emilee LindnerContinue reading “Love — from someone else’s perspective”

The day I realized I wouldn’t write for a local newspaper

I remember it clearly. The classroom was warm — the kind of warm that gives you a throbbing headache and dry eyes. My fellow feature writing class members watched as a goateed man in a golf hat pranced toward the lectern. He was a graduate of the Class of 2008, and we could already tellContinue reading “The day I realized I wouldn’t write for a local newspaper”

Valentine’s Day

Ok, I know I’ve been slacking. You’ve told me. But trust me, I’ve been productive. I’ve been studying a lot, working, living life, etc. I want to take a bit and reflect on my Valentine’s Day. It was the best I’ve had. I remember passing around paper valentines in elementary school. It was almost mandatory.Continue reading “Valentine’s Day”

Word of the day: insipid

INSIPID Oh my goodness! Today was very dull. It was one of those days were everything irks you – from waking up in the morning to the weather to interacting with people. For breakfast, I had some peach bread that has been on the counter for a while. I sluggishly dragged myself into class, whereContinue reading “Word of the day: insipid”