Valentine’s Day

Ok, I know I’ve been slacking. You’ve told me. But trust me, I’ve been productive. I’ve been studying a lot, working, living life, etc.

I want to take a bit and reflect on my Valentine’s Day. It was the best I’ve had.

I remember passing around paper valentines in elementary school. It was almost mandatory. But once you get older, Valentine’s Day is a choice. A lot of people choose to shun it, saying that you should love everyone every day. We all know that doesn’t happen. Whether you think it’s a Hallmark holiday or not, take a moment to appreciate someone you love.

I reminded Pete all week about the 14th. I knew he wouldn’t plan anything.

I wrote “buy Emilee flowers” on his to-do list. “Flowers don’t last,” he said.

I set myself up for disappointment as my girlfriend and I made chocolate-covered pretzels for her boyfriend. We wondered if they would put the same effort into us.

Despite what I thought Pete was going to do (or not do), I went out and bought him a calculator watch – an inside joke between us. I wasn’t sure if he actually wanted one or not. I also made him a pink paper heart with a doily on it.

The day came and Pete had yet to inform me of any plans he had for Valentine’s. Then he asked to borrow my car so he could “get me something.” How romantic.

But when Pete was gone, something changed in me. Why was I cynical? He’s getting me something! Anticipation built. I couldn’t wait until he came back.

When he came back to the radio station, he went straight to his office, leaving me in the board room. Hmmm. Nothing.

The phone rang and Jess picked it up. I waited to hear her talk to a townie about formatting or advertising, but she didn’t. “It’s for you.”


“Hey, I’m printing something out on the printer for you.”

I waited until the printer next to the phone spat out a black and white photo of me and Pete at the beach. A cheesy grin formed on my face. It was so corny it was cute.

I felt a flush come over me as I walked over to his office and found him with his hands behind his back – a good sign. Pete pulled out a rose and chocolates.

Pete got me a pretty rose.

And he had planned to make dinner!

I waited in my room as I heard the clanking from the kitchen. I sniffed the air to see if I could guess what we were having. I smelled brussel sprouts.

“We better not be having brussel sprouts!” I yelled from down the hallway.

“Stay in your room!”

When it was time to eat, Pete served tortellini and tomato sauce with steamed broccoli and fresh Italian bread.

As Pete described his entire process of picking out the food to buying the flowers to making dinner, I thought about how a year ago I would have picked apart the whole meal and the place settings. But I didn’t say a word. It was perfect, and there was nothing to say.

Although I proceeded to eat all my chocolates and lay in my bed sick for an hour, I deemed Feb. 14, 2011 the best Valentine’s Day ever.

We made a mutual decision to take the calculator watch back to the store (thank god). We walked around Walmart, browsed the movie section and bought rainboots and some Cosby Show DVDs.

It was like a normal day. But being with the right person made it that much better.

Published by Emilee Lindner

I’m a writer, cat fancier and lover of all things autumn.

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