my track-by-track review of wheatus’ lemonade

Hi guys! Iconic Long Island rockers Wheatus released Lemonade, their groundbreaking EP in 2005. Although the project is pretty much entirely scrubbed from the Internet because the songs were re-recorded for other things, I know you’ve been waiting 11 years for my hot takes on the EP, so let’s get started. 1. Lemonade — “Do youContinue reading “my track-by-track review of wheatus’ lemonade”

singing and not being normal

5SOS – ‘She Looks So Perfect’ One Direction – ‘Steal My Girl’ One Direction – ‘Fireproof’ Nelly Fur-tado – ‘I’m Like A Bird’ Oh Land – ‘Head Up High’ Taylor Swift – ‘Blank Space’ Iggy and Britney – ‘Pretty Girls’ Nicki Minaj – ‘Bed Of Lies’ Die Antwoord – ‘Ugly Boy’ Fiona Apple – ‘HotContinue reading “singing and not being normal”

Your life is pathetic and I made it that way

You should be slaughtering birds, piercing through their feather flesh with your pin-like claws You should eat their head but leave their bodies. You have the power to be wasteful. You’ll hunt other birds You should be curling up in a nook bedded with dry leaves—the driest of leaves because you like to hear them crunchContinue reading “Your life is pathetic and I made it that way”

Why I can’t write about David Bowie

I know what they say — that my generation chooses idols based on which Urban Outfitters band T-shirts are in stock. “I saw Hailey Baldwin wearing a Slayer shirt and knee high boots, so I bought a Slayer shirt and knee high boots.” And OK, there’s a little bit of truth in that. If weContinue reading “Why I can’t write about David Bowie”

it was nice not to be so alone

July 2010 “Let’s hug,” Laura said, approaching me with arms open. “You know, you need at least five hugs a day to maintain your emotional health.” I willingly accepted, and we held each other for a minute. I sat on her windowsill, and she stood on her bedroom’s plastic-covered floor. Her freshly painted teal wallsContinue reading “it was nice not to be so alone”

Fuckin Gilmore Girls, man

I watched “Gilmore Girls” after school. My dad said they talked too fast. I watched “Gilmore Girls” with my high school boyfriend because we didn’t know what else to do. I watched “Gilmore Girls” with my college boyfriend because he knew I liked it, but don’t tell his friends. I watched “Gilmore Girls” with myContinue reading “Fuckin Gilmore Girls, man”