I asked my friends to describe their cats as muffins

Sarah: “probably like gluten free vegan nutless carrot cake because he’s kind of an obnoxious pain in the ass but still sweet”

Katie: “Xena’s a bran muffin because she likes to be a part of the pooping process (sitting on a lap/watching from the shower.)”

Lauren: “hes prolly like lemon poppyseed cause hes good but hes a bitch”

Brenna: “hmmmm, cranberry, because she’s sweet but a littttttle sassy”

Gil: “Belgian double fudge chocolate chunky munky: because shes’s black, beautiful and has a big swinging belly that hangs downs and swings side to side”

Laurie: “Gilbert (who is my cat) would be a cappuccino muffin with walnuts, because he wakes me up and is a nut. And he has a dark side that is lovable. And he is alternately comforting and disruptive. TOASTED walnuts because he has flava”

Alanna: “Tink would be a double chocolate chip muffin because she is sweet and a taby. Grayson would be blueberry muffin because he can be tart and sour but is still sometimes sweet”

Rae: “she’d be a blueberry muffin because she’s sweet, just the right amount of tart, and beloved by many”

Zach: “Irie: peanut butter with…butterscotch chips…because of her swirly light colors. Rav: dark chocolate with marshmallow stripes

Mike: “Jalapeno corn muffin. Both sweet and fiery”

Ilana: “She’s brown and white. So cinnamon swirl

Stacy: “Banana nut. Because he’s kinda a classic cat aka banana but he’s a litttttle bit crazy. I guess banana nut chocolate chip. Because he is sweet too.”

Allison: “White Angel food cake! Cause she’s a white beautiful Angel! And she’s sweet!”

Published by Emilee Lindner

I’m a writer, cat fancier and lover of all things autumn.

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