cool stuff from 2017


hiked in Carmel and Big Sur and saw whales and felt bliss

got drunk at the MTV Movie (AND TV) Awards and somehow snuck into the after-party

got engaged to my life partner/best friend/favorite person

fell into Moss Lake well trying to get into a canoe despite being an excellent outdoorsman

didn’t shower for several days straight on two separate occasions: 1) whilst camping with Pete and his dad, and 2) the hot water went out in our building for three days

climbed Mt. Beacon and i think my quads are still sore?

took a tour of Town Hall in Times Sq, which is really cool — you guys should all check it out because it’s one of the centers of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. (also saw the revamped Prairie Home Companion there later in the year, and a Feist concert!)

also saw the belly of New York City’s recycle beast, which you DEF should all see because it will give you a lot of insight on how the city processes all our recycling!!

picked apples with Chan in PA

celebrated my birthday surrounded by friends at my fave bar that is now closed 😦 😦 😦

went to a listening party for Beck, one of my favorite musicians in the entire world!!!

surprised my grandpa for his 80th birthday party (but i’m convinced he wasn’t surprised at all)

partied at a Yankee’s game with Victoria courtesy of Bareburger (idk)

camped in the Catskills with Aimee. we picked ticks off each other and ravenously found our way through a forest when we went off the trail without food (oops).

SNUCK rum into a music festival!!! and drank it out of a pineapple! (aka I went to Gov Ball and saw Chance and Logic and Avalanches).

rescued a kitten named KEVIN and nursed him to health for a month and found him a loving family!!

had a blast at New York Liberty game, which you guys should also do because the inequality in professional sports is B.S.!!!!

got Sally Field’s signature after seeing her in the Glass Menagerie because I’m the person who will wait outside a theater for that

saw Bruce on Broadway and got to witness the emotions he invokes from everyone in the audience

went vegan — for animals, for the environment, for myself. life changer.

hosted VEGAN THANKSGIVING for FOUR PEOPLE using only a TOASTER OVEN (and it was actually good and not stressful!!!)

found a wedding venue to get married in next Labor Day weekend, babyyyyy

spent many dreamy days in Coney Island, including one particular day of baseball at the Cyclones game

celebrated my cousin’s wedding in Richmond!

protested sexism, bigotry, xenophobia and the new administration with Liv at the Women’s March in D.C., a day after Trump’s inauguration

got food poisoning for the first time!!

went cherry picking with mom, along with many, many ice cream trips

went to Coachella and finally got to see the desert. it’s hot!



covered Coachella for Uproxx, danced my ass of to Lorde’s first Melodrama set

closed out a gig at Fuse, and wrote stuff about Normani’s producers and pop’s obsession with the transient middle class

concocted an essay about my feelings about Taylor Swift and my ego and love life

made my cat famous with my debut at Vinyl Me, Please

wrote A LOT of stuff for Live Nation, which I don’t have proof of because vanished

blogged for Uproxx before I went to work at Live Nation AND after I got home, and it’s probably the only time I will ever write about Ted Nugent

interviewed a ton of talented women for Vinyl Me, Please… but my fave piece I did for them this year was this essay about Christina Aguilera

wrote cute lists and stuff for Billboard, like a piece about farts in music and an interview with the guy who made out on the hood of a car for an Ariana Grande music video and a list about all the things Taylor Swift has destroyed

profiled pop goddess Chelsea Jade, velvet-toned Gordi and Harry Styles’ drummer, Sarah Jones, for NYLON (which was huge for me because Nylon is/was literally my fave magazine)

ok so this is a weird one because they ended up being problematic as hell, but this piece is something i’m really proud of writing so i’m gonna include it anyway……. I went shopping with PWR BTTM and it was one of the most rewarding interviews/ editing experiences I’ve had as a freelancer

after Gord Downie died, I poured my thoughts into this emotional essay about my parents for Noisey

wrote about my dad and grief

GOT A JOB at MTV working on their Snapchat Discover channel. Along with getting to write about entertainment/celebs (below), i get to handle overall creative vision on our editions, which are like tiny, interactive magazines on Snapchat. I’m learning a lot about video, production, graphic design, stats and audience, so i guess you can say i’m thriving




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