Word of the day: gastroenteritis


Relevant. My sister and I woke up sick this morning. I felt nauseous, but upon hearing Aimee might have the flu, I was determined to free myself of the bug. I scoured the kitchen and the bathroom that we share, chugged some orange juice and swallowed a multivitamin. Aimee, suffering much worse, stayed in bed.

I’m feeling much better now, but earlier, I had to cancel my ice skating date with Laura.

The bizarre thing is that I received a flu shot (unwillingly, I might add). So why was I feeling ill a few hours ago? My parents suggest it is the stomach flu, or as physicians call it, gastroenteritis.

I had this 24-hour bug last spring and I was violently ill for a few days, missing a concert at school. If I get sick again, I might have to miss shopping with mom and a Bonnies basketball game tomorrow.

So for now, I’m telling everyone I’m warding off gastroenteritis, washing my hands every time I touch something and quarantining my sister in her room. I demand healthiness!

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