Pinterest: From social site to promotion and profit

You may have heard me talk about Pinterest before. When I first posted about the “virtual pin board” back in February, I was sort of a newbie. Now, I’m a full-blown addict. And I’m not really ashamed. Enough about my addiction. What I want to talk about is how bloggers and businesses can use PinterestContinue reading “Pinterest: From social site to promotion and profit”

President Obama on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

In my late-night insomnia, I switched on NBC at 12:35 a.m. this morning to watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, one of my favorite shows ever. Jimmy was doing his show from UNC Chapel Hill and President Barack Obama was the guest. It was surreal watching the president on a non-news talk show, and itContinue reading “President Obama on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

Is Facebook sexist? and Go Bonnies!

Hooray! The Lady Bonnies made it to the Sweet 16! St. Bonaventure (that’s my school) beat Marist 66-63 yesterday and they’re now moving on to play Notre Dame. I went to the Rathskeller (on-campus bar) last night to watch the game with other students and faculty, and there were a lot of media there. AsContinue reading “Is Facebook sexist? and Go Bonnies!”

Pinterest prevents piracy … or tries to

Pinterest. Ahhh. I don’t use it that often, but when I do, I’m pinning for an hour. When researching for this post, I found myself abandoning my work to follow new boards and make a few of my own. (Here’s my account,¬†if you’re interested. I’m not as established as others, but that’s OK.) Pinterest isContinue reading “Pinterest prevents piracy … or tries to”

Can Twitter determine the Super Bowl’s winner?

Do you know who will claim victorious in the Super Bowl this Sunday? I sure don’t, and I don’t think anyone can know before the game. But some are say differently. Brook Miller from MotiveQuest, a social media research firm, told Fox News Chicago that the champions can be determined by social media. In conferenceContinue reading “Can Twitter determine the Super Bowl’s winner?”

Leveraging the power of the crowd

I’ve been following Wendy’s for a few months now. I like its public relations and marketing. I had written about the fast-food company in my Public Relations course last semester, and now they’re returning for a blog post for my Digital and Social Media course! In class last Wednesday, we discussed¬†crowdsourcing: when a company takesContinue reading “Leveraging the power of the crowd”