Five days without Facebook

Facebook notificationsEvery morning, I wake up, shower and sit down to my computer with a bowl of Frosted Shredded Wheat. I open three tabs in Google Chrome – Email, The Weather Channel’s website and Facebook. So naturally, when I decided to go five days with Facebook, it altered my morning routine.

When my professor suggested the Facebook hiatus as a class assignment, I was rather enthusiastic.  I thought about deleting my account before because during school, it can serve as a huge distraction. Also, I struggle with the idea of instant sharing. I like Facebook as a sharing tool, but often I find nothing of value, leaving me scrolling mindlessly until I deem something useful. Although our assignment required us to go only two days without the social site, I got a head start and went five days.

Five whole days. It didn’t seem like a long time, and actually, the Facebook famine wasn’t as hard as I thought. I had other social media to waste my time and to keep me in touch. I still got all my news through Twitter, which I found myself checking more frequently than I usually do. Tumblr served as my go-to distraction.

When I finally accessed Facebook Monday night, I had 15 notifications – a lot for me. It was more fun to go through them in one big clump than to get them sporadically. It was nice to be back, but I have to admit, I didn’t really miss it that much.

Published by Emilee Lindner

I’m a writer, cat fancier and lover of all things autumn.

6 thoughts on “Five days without Facebook

  1. Isn’t it weird how by not going on one website, i.e. Facebook, could completely disrupt part of your day?! Did you adjust better to your new morning routine as the days went on?

  2. Nice work on this post, Emily, and thanks for the link love. I feel like you. I don’t miss Facebook as much as I think I might when I’m not on it. However, in general, I enjoy having it around. Great job on your site. I appreciate how your personality comes through in it.

    1. Oops, forgive my mispelling. As one women with an extra e in her name to another, this is inexcusable! My apologies, Emilee. 😉

  3. I haven’t tried this on purpose, but it happened once when I was on vacation. Nothing spectacular. But if I don’t open my blog reader for a week, that’s when I seem like I’m out of this world 🙂

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