Pinterest: From social site to promotion and profit

You may have heard me talk about Pinterest before. When I first posted about the “virtual pin board” back in February, I was sort of a newbie. Now, I’m a full-blown addict. And I’m not really ashamed. Enough about my addiction. What I want to talk about is how bloggers and businesses can use PinterestContinue reading “Pinterest: From social site to promotion and profit”

Pinterest prevents piracy … or tries to

Pinterest. Ahhh. I don’t use it that often, but when I do, I’m pinning for an hour. When researching for this post, I found myself abandoning my work to follow new boards and make a few of my own. (Here’s my account,┬áif you’re interested. I’m not as established as others, but that’s OK.) Pinterest isContinue reading “Pinterest prevents piracy … or tries to”