Word of the day: aether


I have a quiz tomorrow so I’m studying while watching TV. I’m learning about the great scientists who focused on theories about the universe. Those included Plato, Aristotle and Copernicus.

The study sheet says that Aristotle believed in the five elements. The five elements? I thought there were only four. Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

The five element is Aether. Upon looking it up, I learned it was a conceptual medium, according to Wikipedia. In Greek mythology, it was know as the upper sky.

So when looking at this model, I think the ‘aether’ would be the ‘celestial region.’

Wish me luck on my quiz!

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One thought on “Word of the day: aether

  1. We learned about these five elements in our western civilization class last semester. I understood Aether to be the element of the heavens, which Aristotle said could not be seen or touched by man. Aether is perfect and unchangeable, unlike the other four elements. Similarly, Plato believed in 5 polyhedra corresponding to the four elements and “quintessance,” which I suppose is related to Aether.

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