my track-by-track review of wheatus’ lemonade


Hi guys! Iconic Long Island rockers Wheatus released Lemonade, their groundbreaking EP in 2005. Although the project is pretty much entirely scrubbed from the Internet because the songs were re-recorded for other things, I know you’ve been waiting 11 years for my hot takes on the EP, so let’s get started.

1. Lemonade — “Do you remember the way it was for us/ Before all of the blow jobs on the bus,” they sing, describing pure, relatable anguish. The “lemonade” in this situation refers to better days, when they would sit “on the porch drinking lemonade” together. It is sad. The video is equally as sad.

2. Anyway — Someone on YouTube uploaded this deep-cut. Their username is “OASIS will be the best band ever.” True.

3. The Deck — This one is nice, but who is he talking about in the song? Hmmm… Checking Twitter for more facts about this Wheatus song.

4. Freak On — “What has come over you? Hey now sugar you’re actin’ like a hooker,” frontman Brendan B. Brown yelps, putting that woman in her place. Fun fact, Brown was at a One Direction concert I attended at Jones Beach in 2013, and Harry Styles shouted him out in the crowd.

5. Randall — Perhaps the most declarative moment on the EP, we learn that the lead singer’s name is actually Randall.

So there you have it!

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