Resolution #5

5. Run a 5K – On the running note, I ran 5k at the gym yesterday. Running laps bored me, but in the end, I felt happy. The endorphins were amazing, and I felt accomplished. My sister invited me to run one with her last year, but due to lack of funds, I had to turn her down. This year will be different.

Remember this? It’s from my Jan. 13 post listing my New Year’s resolutions.

Guess who did it? This girl.

Over break, I ran the Slush Rush 2011 at SUNY Fredonia with Aimee. I stayed most of the week with her and we finished it off with some healthy racing.

That day, it  was icy, windy and snowy. We had no idea what to wear, how early we should show up or what to eat for breakfast. Nevertheless, we trudged from McGinnies Hall to the Williams Center ten minutes before the race.

We got our cool race shirt and a number to pin on our front.

Wearing cotton leggings, shorts, a warm headband and Aimee’s band hoodie, we gathered behind the rest of the herd outside. Everyone was in good spirits and it made me happy to be there.

And we were off! Here’s the map of our journey:

The wind whipped the snow at our face and at times, it was hard to keep my eyes open. After a mile, my calves tightened up and they felt like blocks of wood.

Aimee and I found a couple going at a similar pace and we drafted them the entire way. Without someone to compare to, we might have slowed down.

We finished at around 32:45. We weren’t really paying attention to the time. We made 82nd and 83rd place. We think.

Aimee wants to run a 10K now! I don’t know if I’m up for that. I haven’t ran since the race.

I plan on running when it gets nicer out. I’ve heard that there’s a Corporate Challenge 5K in New York this summer. Maybe I’ll run it with my new work friends!

Up next: 8-minute mile!

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