Hello! I’m back!

My grandpa came down to St. Bonaventure to visit me Friday. It’s been a long time since we spent one-on-one time together and it was so great.

We made the drive to Portville to dine at Sprague’s, the usual “someone-is-visiting-me-at-college-so-let’s-get-off-campus” restaurant. We were attacked by the maple aroma surrounding us — an instant mood booster.

I had been tired all week, so chilling with grandpa was pretty refreshing. It made realize that I’m still a granddaughter — a youngin’– rather than the adult I see myself as daily.

We ordered a plethora of maple flavored foods. I had the maple-glazed salmon. Delicious! After finishing my meal a while before grandpa but leaving half my fries on the plate, we discussed the stock market.

As I have posted previously, my knowledge of all things financial is pretty low. I stopped attending my finance class (I was auditing), so I almost stopped exercising the mathematical area of brain all together.

Grandpa taught me how everything works — from the corporations, to the brokers, to the investors. I learned about mutual funds, bonds, stock, annuities.

We took a break and drove back to Townhouse 33. I showed grandpa around my apartment and introduced him to my roommates.

But then we went back to our Wall Street discussion. I felt my face contorting as grandpa tried to explain turnovers and return on equity. I must admit, I didn’t understand everything he said.

One thing hasn’t changed: my grandpa will always be the smartest person I know.

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I’m a writer, cat fancier and lover of all things autumn.

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