New music and sunny skies

Just thought I’d take some time to mention that there are some cool things going on at my boyfriend’s blog, Kind of Bleu. He reviews new music from Beach House, Free Energy and s/s/s. You can listen to the tracks on his site. The new Beach House song has got me listening to their 2010 album, Teen Dream, again (not like I ever stopped), and I love it so much. I can’t wait for Beach House’s new album, too.

Pete and Emilee
I know I've posted this picture before, but this is a picture that Pete and I took before Free Energy took the stage during Spring Weekend.

Free Energy’s new song leaves me reminiscing of last Spring Weekend, when the band played for us in the Richter Center parking lot. I’m craving Spring Weekend badly, and today’s high temperatures and sunny skies give me a taste of what’s ahead.

There’s a lot of fun, new music out. What are you listening to right now?

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