Some other things…

Beyoncé Interview

I appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered to talk about Beyoncé’s Lemonade, based on an article I had written for Fuse.

Amateur Coder

In 2019, I completed General Assembly’s Front-End Web Development course, making it a lot easier to code newsletter and understand the internet’s content.

MTV’s Shorty

In 2019, that year’s VMAs were the most-streamed award show in MTV & Viacom history. I was part of a massive, incredibly talented and diligent team that drove social video views up +89% YOY and earned MTV a Shorty Award.

Besterday Podcast

I appeared on 10+ episodes of Bianca Gracie’s Besterday, a podcast about ’90s, Y2K and Aughts nostalgia. So fun!

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