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MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest Of All Time Snapchat Highlights Show

Role: Producer
From pitch to the end product, I helmed a Snapchat show to complement MTV’s Movie & TV Awards special in Dec. 2020. Hosted by Vanessa Hudgens, the show also featured TikTokers Markell Washington and Connor Wood, who hilariously broke down the night’s biggest honors and performances.

Snap: Pop Star Stages

Role: Producer/Writer
This edition best represents the majority of the work I did at MTV Snapchat — from pitch to publish, we made sure our content dipped into the daily zeitgeist while also taking a step back to see larger trends. Working closely with the designers and animators, I loved creating and telling this story.

My Snapchat work would also be featured weekly on MTV’s Instagram Stories and YouTube Stories.

MTV TikTok

I worked with the super creative TikTok team to cook up a few different videos. I even got to star in some of them!

2020 MTV EMA Facebook Live Reveal

Role: Writer/Producer
Hosted by Johnny Orlando in Nov., we gave away some of the biggest honors of the award show before it even started! Our viewers were introduced to awesome acts from around the world as they accepted their regional prizes.

Don’t @ Me

Role: Creator
“Don’t @ Me” started as an idea for a Snapchat Discover edition and turned into a full-fledged video franchise, where the team crowd-sourced a bunch of the internet’s burning questions and asked them to MTV’s favorite artists.

Name That Vid

Role: Creator
“Name That Vid” presents artists with obscure screenshots from their music videos and tests their knowledge on their own body of work. The MTV Brand Social producers got some pretty excellent stories out of the format.

Snap: Immigration Issue

Role: Producer
As a writer and producer on this MTV Snap edition published on July 4th, I worked with MTV’s Social Impact team to collect stories from young immigrants. The edition was fronted by a “President or Pop Star” quiz.

Snap: Non-functional Outfits

Role: Writer/Producer
Suffer for fashion? Some celebrities will sacrifice anything for style. In this MTV Snapchat Discover edition, we explore all the outfits that just don’t make sense… but look so good.

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