Deep-Cleaning Videos Are Getting Grosser

Stuck at home, people are excavating the mold in their dishwashers and the hair in their drains for your viewing pleasure. — The New York Times

Puppy Pads And Slit Masks: How COVID Changed The Look Of Music Education

COVID-era problems put pressure on teachers to work creatively, while fearing for the future. —

Marching Six Feet Apart: How High School Marching Bands Are Coping With The Pandemic

As districts consider when students can return to school safely, band directors wonder if they should shelve their entire 2020 show. But what would that mean for students? —

Obsessed With Fall? Here’s Why

Now that the Autumnal Equinox is finally here, let’s talk. — MTV

The Willy Wonka of Second Hand Clothes

At Noamex Warehouse in East New York, Gary Schefren channels 60,000 square feet of donated garments away from landfills and into new hands, and homes. — Brooklyn Magazine

How #FreeBritney Went From Dismissed Fans To Serious Reform Advocates

‘We got made fun of a lot in the early days, but we kept pushing forward because we knew in our hearts we were right’ — The Independent

Who Is Stealing Swifties’ Lover Fest Tickets?

Sold-out concerts have scammers hacking in and reselling Taylor Swift tickets right before their eyes. — Billboard

We Asked These Climate Protestors What Inspired Them To March

These young people are ready to take back the Earth. —MTV

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