Personal essays

After Her Dad’s Death, JoJo Plots Her Comeback

Over dinner in NYC, we talked about losing our fathers and dealing with parents’ addictions. — MTV

The Tragically Hip Soundtracked My Family Memories

With the news of singer Gord Downie’s death, I’m flooded with memories of not only my own youth, but stories of my parents’ youth. — Noisey, Music By Vice

Miley Cyrus’s ‘Slide Away’ And The Necessity Of Emergency Breakup Bops

Why expedited singles give closure to fans like me and stop the spread of speculation around a musician’s personal life. — MTV

I Traveled 1,700 Miles To Watch Taylor Swift’s Greatest Hits Concert With Internet Strangers

Layers of dust coated my sandaled feet and my lips were burnt and crusty. I feared what would come out of my nose if I somehow got my hands on a tissue. But these are the kinds of things Taylor Swift fans face at concerts, where they often line up 12 hours in advance. — Fuse

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