Human Interest

In Holland, A Lost Dog That Rallied A Whole Community Gets A Happy Ending

Before a rainy day in early June, Carhartt was just a normal, rambunctious 1-year-old dog, but in a week’s time, everyone in Holland knew his name. — The Buffalo News

When Kids Crash the Stage: 6 Stories About Meeting Music Stars at Their Concert

Billboard talked to different families around the world about their own experiences meeting artists at their concerts — whether it’s a little girl getting serenaded by Taylor Swift, a teenager playing guitar with Bruce Springsteen or an adult daughter getting a hug from Keith Urban. — Billboard

How To Pet Proof Your Record Collection

Using plexiglass and an IKEA shelf, you can protect your vinyl babies from your fur babies. — Vinyl Me, Please

How One Dog Sledder Races Without Snow In Western New York

Dog sledding was a struggle during a warm Western New York winter, but Bekka Gunner and her huskies still found a way. — The Buffalo News

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