Culture Commentary

John Mayer Tried To Change What He Could On ‘Continuum’

Mayer’s frustrations with the things he cannot control — love, war, aging — are all over 2006’s Continuum. — Vinyl Me, Please

The Guide To Getting Into Beck

In the wake of the release of his 13th studio album, ‘Colors,’ we give you five crucial entry points to Beck’s vast catalog. — Noisey, Music By Vice

How Did The Chainsmokers, Of All People, End Up Dominating 2016?

Analyzing the bros, the music, and the voices behind the year’s biggest hit-making machine. — Noisey, Music By Vice

Will The Real Justin Bieber Please Stand Up?

Is Justin trying to cover up for who he really is, or are we getting the real deal? — MTV

How Christina Aguilera’s Stripped Sparked A Feminist Revelation

In a world where women still fight for equal rights, ‘Stripped’ feels more relevant than ever. — Vinyl Me, Please

What You Didn’t Get About Miley’s VMA Performance

It’s Miley’s moment. — MTV

How Fiona Apple Slapped Her Haters In The Face On ‘When The Pawn…’

On the 20th anniversary of Apple’s sophomore album, we remember how Fiona gained control. — Vinyl Me, Please

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