Creative Interviews

How This Guy Ended Up Making Out on the Hood of a Car in Ariana Grande’s ‘Everyday’ Video

“The first take was the long take where Ariana is dancing around us, so we really had to dive right in…” — Billboard

From Gangsta Rap To ‘Wildest Dreams’ — How Director Joseph Kahn Got His Start

Kahn talks about his decades-long career that led him to Taylor Swift. — MTV

Meet Alfredo Flores: Bieber’s BFF, Ariana’s Homie, Everyone’s Fave Videographer

Alfredo was shooting Mariah Carey at 19. Now he’s touring the world. — MTV

The Invaders Talk Normani’s Come-Up And Those Sultry Mashups

Normani’s lifelong friend and producer opens up about her rise to the top. — Fuse

Inside One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ Music Video, 5 Years Later

An oral history of their breakout visual with 1D’s director, stylist and choreographer. — Fuse

NSYNC’S ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’ Director Reveals How He Recreated His Video For Fall Out Boy

Wayne Isham gives MTV News the scoop about Making ‘irresistible’ with FOB, Joey Fatone, Chris Kirkpatrick and Demi Lovato. — MTV

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